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Victims Advocate Services

Traffic Alerts: ​ 

​ The annual Cinco K Mayo road race will be hosted on Saturday, May 5, 2018. This race will involve multiple roadway closures.  NO traffic will be allowed in the following areas between the hours of 8 AM and 11 AM (unless allowed by officers on scene when safe):

​-Moody Road between North Maple and Taylor Road -Taylor Road between Somers Road and North Street -North Street Between Park Street and Taylor Road
​-Park Street Between North Street and Moody Road

​ Please expect roadway closures and/or delays in this area. Trucks accessing Martin Brauer will not be allowed access during the race and will be allowed to wait on Moody Road near Fermi High School. The Enfield Police Department will be conducting traffic control throughout this event and will provide detours as necessary.

NEWS Alerts: 

 Prohibition of Panhandling, Solicitation and Other Activities from Unsafe Locations


The Enfield Police Department provides noncriminal fingerprinting services to the general public consistent with the provisions of Connecticut General Statute 29-17c through employment of the following practices: 

 • Fingerprinting for the general public will be conducted on specific days and during specific hours as established by the Chief of Police;

 • Fingerprint services are provided free of charge to residents* of the Town of Enfield;

 • Fingerprint services are provided free of charge to non-residents who are employed* or seeking employment* BY the Town of Enfield;

 • Fingerprint services are provided to all other non-residents for a fee as established by the Enfield Town Council.

      Payment must be by check or cash in the exact amount….Cash payments not in the exact amount WILL NOT be accepted.

     There will be no charge for vendors who require only a single thumb print or for persons being re-printed due to rejection of the original prints.

 * Proof of residency, employment, or prospective employment by the Town of Enfield is required.

  Persons requesting fingerprint services are hereby reminded that the Enfield Police have an obligation to respond to emergencies and active calls for service which at times could result in delay, postponement, or cancellation of fingerprinting due to staffing and activity levels.


Effective January 1, 2017

 Noncriminal fingerprinting is provided as follows:

            Wednesday evenings – 6PM to 8PM

            Saturday mornings – 9AM to 11AM

 Resident = No Charge

 Non-resident employed or seeking employment BY the town = No Charge

 Non-resident = $ 50.00

Coming Soon:

How to register a complaint against the Enfield Police Department or an Officer