The Shaker Pines Fire Department promotes the philosophy of training and safety through education. Not only do the members attend numerous classes offered at the CT Fire Academy, the National Fire Academy, and other Departments, they are required to attend a minimal amount of the approximately 36 drills held here every year. There are 5 mandatory drills that must be attended and refreshed every year.
A firefighter trains to rescue people on a ladder
They are:
  • BBP (Blood Bourne Pathogens)
  • HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials)
  • ICS (Incident Command System)
  • Live Fire Training
  • SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus)
Additional Training / Drills
In addition to the above mentioned training, the department holds weekly drills at the firehouse on Monday evenings and every other Friday morning. Here firefighters are given opportunities to not only practice their skills, but this also provides a training atmosphere where new technologies can be introduced. New and safer ways of doing things as well as new equipment come forward all the time. This type of training also promotes teamwork. On the fire-ground, teamwork is of key importance.
A firefighter approaches a rescuee during a training exercise
The philosophy is if we practice together, we will work well together when we must. It has been proven that it is imperative that structured, coordinated team efforts work best.
Independent Study Programs
Independent Study Programs are also available through the Emergency Management Institute on the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) website. Here there are computer based, interactive home study courses available to both Public Safety personnel as well as civilian homeowners. These non-certification courses teach everyone things from how to deal with various types of emergencies, and how to prepare for those emergencies.
Firefighters train with ladders
For the Shaker Pines Fire Department members, it provides us with a way for our personnel to take the National Incident Management System IS 100, IS 200, and IS 700 courses that give us an understanding of the Incident Command System in a Regional and/or National incident.

To take a course, or to just review what is available, visit the FEMA Training website.

Recruit Training Program
Recruit Training Program is a program designed to help new members meld into the Fire Service and the Shaker Pines Fire Department. Each recruit is given a mentor, who is there for the recruits training, emotional, and operational needs. All new recruits and their mentors meet every Wednesday to learn a new aspect of firefighting in an effort to help them meet the requirements of the State of Connecticut Firefighter I certification class that they are required to attend at the Connecticut Fire Academy within 2 years of becoming a member of the Shaker Pine Fire Department.

Since the inception of the Recruit Training/Mentor Program in 2009, the retention rate of volunteer firefighters in the Shaker Pines Fire Department has increased significantly. Thus making a much better level of service to the Shaker Pines Fire District, as well as to the community in the Town of Enfield.

Rescue Boat Training....

Doing a "Fly By" with his wingman