Current ROADS 2015 Construction Projects

Updated - Monday, November 5, 2018

  1. Bridge Lane
  2. Green Manor North
  3. Pavement Preservation Year Four
  4. Pine Grove - Tanglewood
  5. Thompsonville Northeast
  6. Thompsonville Southeast
  7. Thompsonville Southwest
  8. Town Farm Road

Bridge Lane

Contact: John Cabibbo, P.E. - Assistant Town Engineer

Street: Bridge Lane - Full-depth reconstruction
Designer: Weston and Sampson Engineers
Inspector: Milone and MacBroom
Contractor: Baltazar Contractors, Inc.

Project Update

This week the contractor is grading the front lawns and placing the top soil. The contractor is scheduled to pave top course, weather permitting, on Friday 11/9.  

In response to resident input, the Town is exploring options for aesthetic improvements to the culvert abutments at the brook crossing near the pond.  Any aesthetic improvements to these abutments will occur after the current road construction contract has been completed.

The construction office is located at Enfield Office Suites, 174 South Road, Suite 103.

A neighborhood informational meeting was held on June 19, 2018 at the Enfield Street School Multipurpose Room to discuss the project and the impacts to residents.

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