Online Tutorials

  • Mouse Practice - This is the perfect place for beginners to get hands-on practice using the mouse on the computer. Many thanks to the Palm Beach County Library System for creating the tutorial.
  • Keyboard Practice - Want to practice your keyboard skills? Try this site.
  • Basic Online Library Catalog Searching - This tutorial will assist the beginner in using any library catalog. This is a great place to start if you've never used a library catalog. Lots of basic useful information, brought to you courtesy of Infopeople.
  • Encore Catalog Video Instruction - Watch this video, courtesy of West Hartford Public Library, to learn the basics of Encore Catalog searching.
  • Encore Catalog Printable "Cheat Sheet" - Directions for basic catalog searching can be found here.
  • Free Computer Tutorials, Software Applications - Learn the skills you need at your own pace, including Microsoft Office Applications. It also covers basic programs such as math, money and beginning computing are also offered.