About the Project

The construction for the new high school includes multiple phases. There will be several new additions to the building with the largest being the Enrico Fermi STEAM Wing. This will house the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math programs.

 Existing structures will be treated as "Renovate as New". This means that all existing portions of the school remaining when construction is complete will have been updated and the school will be 100% compliant with all applicable codes.  

A portion of the existing school, currently known as D wing, will be demolished. This structure was built in the early 1960's. The new Enrico Fermi STEAM wing will house the classes currently in D wing. 

Features of the Completed High School

  • The new high school will have 113 classrooms and will accommodate 1,600 students. The anticipated population at the time the school is scheduled to open is approximately 1400 students.

  • The STEAM wing will be 4 stories high and approximately 105,000 square feet. It will include combined classrooms and laboratories for certain science classes and student and teacher collaborative workspaces.
  • Our new cafeteria will be approximately 8,700 square feet and will seat 720 people. It will feature state of the art kitchen facilities that will prepare food for the entire school system.
  • The new music wing will be 13,500 square feet and will feature an expanded auditorium with seating for 975 people.
  • The gymnasium will be part of a 2-story addition and will seat 1,600 people in the bleachers. Cardio, Wellness, and Health rooms will also be part of this addition.